August 6, 2020

Shea Concrete Products: The Precast Podcast, Episode #28

The Precast Podcast, Episode #28: Providing industry leading precast concrete buildings from initial concept through final installation – Easi-Set Buildings

Join Easi-Set Buildings Product Manager Jeremy Smith and Engineering Manager Chris Reese as they chat with the folks at Shea Concrete Products for a discussion on the customer benefits of Easi-Set Buildings and the relationship between the two companies.

Hy Grade Precast Easi Set Control Building Ottawa

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“Engineered to meet your needs... In this episode of The Precast Podcast, we take a deep dive into the internal and external support provided by Easi-Set Buildings and Shea Concrete Products to deliver precast concrete buildings throughout New England and beyond. Shea Concrete Products manufactures and services Easi-Set Buildings and does its very best to ensure customers’ needs are met from the initial introduction through project construction completion.”

“Shea Concrete Products and Easi-Set work together to deliver technical expertise, industry-leading service, and an industry-leading product line offering to add value to your critical infrastructure building needs. We hope you enjoy Episode #28 of The Precast Podcast and we appreciate your support!”

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