Prefab Classrooms Built To Last And Protect.

Modular classroom buildings by Easi-Set are an economical and safe solution to your temporary or permanent classroom needs. Whatever your need for additional classroom space, whether it is increased enrollment or if your main facility is undergoing a much-needed renovation, precast classrooms are the preferred solution to trailers or most time- and cost-heavy built in place options. These structures have even been used to build entire schools that stand up to the harshest New England winters with ease.

Beyond safety and convenience, our Easi-Span line of buildings will look great on your campus. We have a variety of finishes and colors so the building will blend in seamlessly to your existing surroundings. The buildings are also some of the safest and strongest available. In a hurricane or tornado prone area, fear not, our buildings are designed to wind loads up to 165 mph. Higher wind load ratings are available.

Student safety is also one of our top concerns. Our prefabricated classrooms are UL 752 Level 5 bullet resistant. Each of our modular buildings also include 100% steel-reinforced concrete with tamper-proof hinges and steel doors. All of that combined with weather tight joints and customized window, lighting, HVAC, plumbing and restroom choices. All of that provides you with a modular building that seamlessly blends in and becomes a permanent facet of your campus.

Bolles School Travers Hall Easi Set Buildings

Read the article: "From Portable to Precast Concrete" About the transformation one school in Florida made to the learning experience of it's students.

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