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Skyline 1220 Restroom

The Skyline 1220 Model is an economical multi-user flush restroom building that is ADA compliant. This building has two rooms; two stalls and a sink per room. The building measures 12’ x 20’ and can handle a moderate to large volume of users. This building is delivered fully-assembled, pre-wired and pre-plumbed. The Skyline has a wide variety of aesthetic choices, enabling it to easily blend with any surrounding. The standard roof is Tapered, with custom options available. The Skyline Models also boast a variety of finish and color choices. This model comes standard with stainless steel fixtures, but other fixture options can be specified to meet your budgetary needs. The chase area also can be used for storage.

Specifications Summary

  • Meets IBC-2009, ASCE/SEI 7-05, ACI 318-08, AISC Steel Construction Manual 13th Edition, CRI Manual of Standard Practices, PCI Design Handbook 6th edition requirements
  • Roof load capacity: 350 psf (standard: 250 psf )
  • Wind load: 130 mph (standard)
  • Floor load: 250 psf, 5,000 psi steel-reinforced precast panels with welded connections. (standard: bolted connections)
  • Bullet tested to UL-752, Level 5
  • 18-gauge galvanized steel insulated doors, tamper-proof hinges, dead-bolt lock, door stop and holder
  • Lifetime roof: post-tensioned by a single continuous tendon creating radial compression in the roof. No coating required
  • Connected to city water and sewer
  • Meets and exceeds US Forest Service Specifications
  • ADA Compliant

Standard Fixtures by Murdock

Murdock Super Secure Fixtures in 304 Stainless Steel:

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easiset restroom fixtures 1
easiset restroom fixtures 2
  • Model 1001-R Toilet with flush valve, hinged seat & waste connection

  • Model 1011-1 Lavatories with cold only air control metering valves and waste connections

  • Model 1030 Urinal (optional)

  • Model 1042 Drinking fountain (optional)

  • Model 1104 ADA mirror

  • Model 1107B Entrance sign with braille

  • Model 1113-PL Tissue dispensers with brass padlocks

  • Model 1117 Electric dryer (optional)

  • Model 1135 2-sided grab bar

  • Model 1142 Chrome plated hose valves with vacuum breakers

  • Model 1176 Feminine napkin dispenser (optional)

  • Model 1177 Towel dispenser

  • Model 1178 Seat cover dispenser (optional)

  • Model 1179 Waste receptacle

  • Model 1180 Interior light (optional)

  • Model 1180-1 Exterior light with photo cell (optional)

About Murdock


  • No Foundation Required
  • Lower Installation Costs
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Weather-tight Construction
  • Standard Roof Heights
  • Meets AII Current Building Codes
  • Heavy Duty Walls and Floors


  • Rugged: Patented post-tensioned technology withstands all weather, temperature, impact and seismic requirements.
  • Weather-tight: Roof and Floor design provides industry leading water-tight construction.
  • Maintenance Free: Will not rust, warp, corrode, rot, or burn while retaining exterior appearance without any additional maintenance.


  • Prefabricated: Tightly controlled manufacturing standards, transported to site preassembled.
  • Maintains structural integrity during shipping and installation using proven precast technology
  • Simple Installations: Usually completed in only 1 day
  • No Foundations Required: Just a simple level, compacted crushed stone base
  • Protected against freeze-thaw cycles