The Advantages of Easi-Set Precast Buildings

Pioneered more than 40 years ago. Each building, from the smallest standard to an ultra-large EASI-SPAN, is manufactured to exacting detail with high-strength, steel-reinforced, post-tensioned precast concrete.


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  • Originator of Affordable All-Precast Modular Buildings
  • Thousands of Successful Projects across North America
  • Local Licensed Producer Fabrication & Customer Service
  • Assurance of Consistency & Quality in Manufacturing
  • Meets All Current Building & ADA Codes
  • One-Source, On-Spec, On-Time, & On-Budget


Who Benefits

Engineers & Architects

Appearance - Architectural styles, finishes and colors to match your specific needs.
Quality – Factory manufacturing and quality control methods.
Pre-Engineered Plans and Specifications - Standard floorplans are PE stamped and meet all current building and ADA codes.
Flexibility to Customize - From a single building to an entire facility use the standard designs or be free to create buildings that are totally unique.



Faster Construction Schedules - Factory manufactured completed buildings or panelized sections/modules are installed in hours or days, not weeks or months.
Know costs upfront – A one-source vendor providing buildings that arrive as specified, on-time, and on-budget.
PE stamped standard floorplans - Use the standard plans to eliminate additional costs and time.
Fewer Trades at the Site - Complete outfitting and turnkey installation offered. Precast floor panels can eliminate foundation work.



Appearance - High quality architectural precast concrete with integral details and a wide variety of finishes. You have the ability to easily match your existing facilities.
Reduced Construction Costs – Factory manufacturing provides a quicker turnaround and fewer trades.
Lower Maintenance Needs - Precast concrete surfaces with cast finishes and integral colors or stains require little maintenance.
Secure, Durable and Resilient - Easi-Set Buildings are resistant to all manner of threat, nature or human. They are built to outperform and outlast other material choices.




  • Impact Resistant: upgraded post-tensioned design increases average compressive strengths by 28% and increases distribution of radial compressive forces by 33%.
  • Maintenance Free: will not rust, warp, corrode, rot or burn and retains finish without maintenance.
  • Heavy-duty Construction: galvanized insulated doors, deluxe door hardware and extruded aluminum threshold with integral seal.


  • Easi-Set models: are available in standard sizes: 10' x 12', 12' x 16', and 12' x 20' (exterior dimensions) with Easi-Set transportable custom designs and sizes available.
  • Easi-Span models: are available in 20', 24', 30', 40' and 50' clear spans with lengths up to 250’ in 10’ increments. It is the only precast building in the industry with the ability to be lengthened as needs change and still maintain the original monolithic structural roof.
  • Exterior-finish choices: many options offered to blend with surrounding architecture.


  • Vandal resistant: steel-reinforced precast concrete construction, tamper-proof hinges, dead bolt locks and steel doors.
  • Bullet resistant: UL 752 —Level 5 bullet resistant.
  • Fire resistant: standard fire rating of 1.5 hours, additional protection available.
  • Earthquake resistant: rated Seismic Design Category 'E' (heavier available).
  • Hurricane resistant: standard designs withstand up to 165 mph wind loads. High wind loads available.
  • Blast resistant: can withstand petrochemical blasts.
weather tight

Weather Tight

  • Turn-Down Roof: prefabricated turn-down roof can be provided with an architectural ribbed edge. This design protects the roof joint from direct exposure to driving rain and provides a drip edge to prevent moisture penetration.
  • Above-Door Rain Guard: Drip edge protection.
  • Galvanized Door & Frame: specially reinforced for high quality with mechanical hold-open arm.
  • Raised Aluminum Threshold: extruded aluminum threshold with integral neoprene seal provides unsurpassed moisture, dust and pest resistance.
  • Step-Down Floor: perimeter of floor is recessed so that the wall joint is below top of floor.
  • Improved Radial Post-Tension Design: provides superior water-tight construction.


  • Gets your site operational fast: quick installation and simple site preparation. With built-in floor, no foundations are necessary unless required by local codes. Buildings are delivered pre-assembled, with or without a floor, or placed on a crushed stone base or a pre-poured concrete slab.
  • Reduces maintenance expenses: durable and vandal resistant with lifetime finishes.
  • Saves money: costs much less than comparable site built construction.
  • Relocatable: can be moved when needs change.
  • Pre-engineered: sealed calculations and drawings in hard copy or electronic format.


  • Installs in hours: not weeks, with complete outfitting and turnkey installation available.
  • Lifetime of Protection: by a network of highly qualified licensed producers across North America.
  • Factory made: not affected by weather, trades coordination, or labor issues.
  • Minimal site prep: using Easi-Set precast floor systems that allow for installation on a compacted gravel.
  • Standardized Designs: with pre-engineered drawings and PE-stamped calculations speed up the planning process.