Pre-engineered concrete buildings for the energy industry.

Easi-Set offers a wide range of pre-engineered and fully-customizable modular buildings for energy industry projects. From multi-story office buildings to hazmat storage facilities, these precast concrete buildings get the job done and require little to no maintenance over their lifetime. They also reduce build time by 30-50% in comparison to traditional construction methods without surrendering any of the amenities -- such as HVAC, utility connections, restroom facilities, and more -- of alternative building structures.

Why not use our knowledge base and cooperative partnerships to accelerate your project completion? A family of highly-qualified, licensed precast concrete producers and decades of experience are at your disposal. The cooperation among our licensees has led to a large collection of building solutions across a wide range of industries. If you require a new utility building or facility, chances are we already have specs for that exact building on file. That is the time-saving benefit of these buildings that also means less design time and lower project costs.

We make them how you need them. Buildings sizes can range up to 35-feet high, 250-feet long, with clear-spans up to 50-feet wide. In reality, these buildings can be made as large as the scope of your project requires. Buildings with Easi-Span Roofs can be easily expanded in 10-foot sections as requirements for the project change -- an exclusive advantage of choosing our product lines. No other company can offer modular buildings with clear-spans this wide and costs this low.

Outfitting Your Project

Below you will find the applications that cater specifically to energy.

precast concrete office building


precast storage building


Precast Concrete Restroom Building


Precast Concrete Hazmat Storage Building

HazMat Storage

Precast Concrete SCADA Building


Precast Concrete Workshop Building


Precast Concrete Guardhouse Building


Precast Concrete Substation Building


Precast Concrete Utility Building

Utility Shelter

Precast Concrete Chemical Storage Building

Chemical Storage


Custom buildings for the energy industry.

  • Sub‐Stations
  • Control Buildings
  • Oil and Gas
  • Field & Refinery Buildings
  • Process Analytical Shelter
  • SCADA Building
  • Sensor Stations
  • Gas Regulator
  • Laboratories
  • Solar & Wind Generation Buildings
  • Battery & Generator Buildings
  • Equipment Shelters
  • Workshops