easiset aesthetic

Aesthetic Options

  • Selection of Finish Colors
  • Selection of Architectural Finishes
  • Selection of Door Colors
  • Selection of Roof Styles
  • Architectural Ribbed Edge (Roof Line)
  • Interior Wall and Floor Paint
easiset door options

Door Options

  • Selection of Hardware/Locks
  • Single, Double, and Roll-up Doors
  • Variable Heights, Widths, and Lengths
  • Aluminum or Steel Doors
  • Manual Chain Hoist
  • Motorized Openers
  • 1 ½ Hour Fire Resistant Doors (certified)
easiset lighting

Lighting Options

  • Fluorescent Interior Lighting
  • Exterior Incandescent Door Light
  • Exterior Incandescent Duplex Flood
  • Exterior Motion Detection
  • Lighted Exit Sign with Battery Pack
  • Perimeter Lighting
  • Motion Sensor Control

Insulation Options

  • Insulated Sandwich Panels
  • Traditional stud frame/insulation construction
  • Closed-cell spray foam insulation