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Multi-Unit Unisex Restroom Building

The Morgan Series is a unisex style restroom which features two individual units containing all stainless steel fixtures by Morgan Manufacturing. There is also a separate chase for housing mechanical, electrical equipment and supply storage. Our unique industry-leading options include: an easy to clean/sanitize wall-to-floor cove detail; post-tensioning system to add strength, and increase shrinkage crack resistance and impermeability; stainless steel connector plates and window frames for corrosion resistance; and in our large multi-unit restroom buildings post-tensioning to create monolithic two-way slab design. Restroom meets or exceeds current building codes.

Specifications Summary

  • Meets IBC-2009, ASCE/SEI 7-05, ACI 318-08, AISC Steel Construction Manual 13th Edition, CRI Manual of Standard Practices, PCI Design Handbook 6th edition requirements
  • Roof load capacity: 350 psf (standard: 250 psf )
  • Wind load: 130 mph (standard)
  • Floor load: 250 psf, 5,000 psi steel-reinforced precast panels with welded connections. (standard: bolted connections)
  • Bullet tested to UL-752, Level 5
  • 18-gauge galvanized steel insulated doors, tamper-proof hinges, dead-bolt lock, door stop and holder
  • Lifetime roof: post-tensioned by a single continuous tendon creating radial compression in the roof. No coating required
  • Connected to city water and sewer
  • Meets and exceeds US Forest Service Specifications
  • ADA Compliant

Standard Fixtures

Murdock Super Secure Fixtures in 304 Stainless Steel:

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  • Model 1001-R Toilet with flush valve, hinged seat & waste connection

  • Model 1104 ADA mirror

  • Model 1107B Entrance sign with braille

  • Model 1011-1 Lavatory with cold only air control metering valves and waste connection

  • Model 1113-PL Tissue dispensers with brass padlocks

  • Model 1134 8 inch grab bars

  • Model 1135 2-sided grab bar

  • Model 1142 Chrome plated hose valves with vacuum breakers

  • Model 1175 Soap dispenser

  • Model 1177 Towel dispenser

  • Model 1179 Waste receptacle

About Murdock


  • No Foundation Required
  • Lower Installation Costs
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Weather-tight Construction
  • Standard Roof Heights
  • Meets AII Current Building Codes
  • Heavy Duty Walls and Floors


  • Rugged: Patented post-tensioned technology withstands all weather, temperature, impact and seismic requirements.
  • Weather-tight: Roof and Floor design provides industry leading water-tight construction.
  • Maintenance Free: Will not rust, warp, corrode, rot, or burn while retaining exterior appearance without any additional maintenance.


  • Prefabricated: Tightly controlled manufacturing standards, transported to site preassembled.
  • Maintains structural integrity during shipping and installation using proven precast technology
  • Simple Installations: Usually completed in only 1 day
  • No Foundations Required: Just a simple level, compacted crushed stone base
  • Protected against freeze-thaw cycles