easiset ez set

Easi-Set Models

Easi-Set Buildings are completed with all-precast floors ready to set on a prepared gravel base. The smaller buildings come fully-assembled. The floor panels are post-tensioned during manufacturing for maximum strength and water-tightness. Customized openings are set per your specifications. Easi-Set Building are available with or without a floor, and can be set on poured foundations, even over existing equipment.

easiset ez span

Easi-Span Models

Easi-Span Buildings can be specified with or without a floor. When you specify an Easi-Span Building with a floor, it is an all concrete solution. The Easi-Span floor system is a floating foundation that is post-tensioned for added strength and durability. It provides flexibility during the installation process and requires minimal site preparation. The installation of this floor system is fast. Turnkey installation of a 40' x 100' building can take as little as three days. The Easi-Span Building with the Easi-Span floor is transportable. If needs change, the entire building can be disassembled and moved to another site. Custom penetrations and knockouts can be specified in the floor system in order to fit around existing equipment.