Concrete Generator & Battery Enclosure Buildings

Precast concrete buildings are an ecomonically and durable solution for both generator and battery storage buildings and enclosures. They are designed to protect your equipment for decades, we mean fire-resistant, earthquake ready, weatherproofed, and bullet resistant. These structures are engineered to withstand violent disturbances, including wind storms.

These buildings can be delivered pre-assembled and pre-outfitted to your specifications. If you are ordering a larger Easi-Span building it may be site assembled, but will arrive in large pieces that can be erected often within the same day of delivery. They can be designed to go over top of or be assembled around existing equipment. They typical come with precast concrete floors that lay on an engineered gravel base, but are easily adpated to fit slab, pier, knee wall, crawl space or basemented applications. Whether you have a single small emergency generator, or a large bank of lithium storage batteries, we have you covered, literally.

Whether it is an Easi-Set or Easi-Span Building, we guarantee that it will be installed much faster than comparable built in place methods. This also means that they can be installed in nearly any area without the need for extensive site preparations beforehand, and less disturbance to your operations.

Read the short article on a "Sound-Attenuated Precast Concrete Generator Building" installed by Easi-Set Producer Lonestar Prestress.

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