Our post-tensioning process produces a superior product.

Post-tension reinforcing is a method of construction used in the roof and floor panels of Easi-Set and Easi-Span precast buildings. Post-Tensioning is used to enable the floor and roof to achieve a level of water tightness and strength superior to that of regular precast concrete.

A continuous wire strand, in a greased plastic sheath, is laid in a circular pattern within the fresh concrete of both the roof and floor panels at the time of casting. Prior to removal from the form, the strand is post-tensioned, placing the concrete in compression.

These post-tensioned elements are designed to be 40 percent more resistant to punch/shear impacts than conventionally reinforced designs of the same size. Elements are virtually impermeable to moisture or gas penetration without the need of roof liners or sealers.

On Easi-Span roof panels and modular buildings, straight sections of post-tension cables are strung through sheaths laid in the multiple panels, then post-tensioned to create monolithic structures.


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