From well houses to complete facilities, choose Easi-Set water & waste buildings.

Easi-Set modular buildings provide the longest life-to-cost ratio and lowest maintenance costs of any water and waste building option on the market. From single pump house facilities to larger, multi-building complexes, we have an array of options to meet the needs of all your water and waste management projects.

Precast concrete is our building material of choice because this option provides the safest, most secure, and highly customizable options that we can offer to you. No one project is the same and this material allows us to design and construct the exact building you require -- with all the amenities of a panelized building complete with precast floors, eliminating the time-consuming and costly installation of a foundation. Check out the water & wastewater whitepaper "A Case for Precast Concrete Buildings".


All precast concrete buildings are known for their durability, structural strength and toughness. Our buildings are resistant to storms, floods, blast, decay, theft and vandalism. Plus, they are virtually maintenance-free once they are completed. Outfitting options can also include upgraded hardware, openings, finishes and even engineered elevation solutions specific to your needs.

So why not benefit from the industry's longest life-to-cost ratios and lowest maintenance costs? Nothing lasts longer than precast concrete panelized buildings, even masonry with its multiple mortar lines that often suffer in the long-term. We bring your new facility pre-engineered and pre-assembled to your location, which means less disruption to the job site and the faster you can use your new water and waste facility. Download the "Easi-Set Buildings Engineers & Commercial Applications" presentation.

Outfitting Your Project

Below you will find the applications that cater specifically to water and waste.

products pump stations

Pump Houses

products hazmat

HazMat Storage

products offices


products restrooms


products utilities


products gen storage


products chem storage

Chemical Storage

products workshops


products water treatment

Water Treatment

easiset gallery generator and battery enclosure

Generator & Battery Enclosures


Custom building options for wastewater facilities.

  • Lift Station
  • Well House
  • Meter Pit
  • Water Treatment
  • Headworks
  • Belt Filter Press
  • Blowers
  • Solids Processing
  • Boiler Building
  • Generator Building
  • Methanol Building
  • Hypochlorite Building
  • Chlorine Building
  • Odor Control Building
  • Operations and Control Building
  • Laboratories
  • Maintenance Building
  • Equipment Shelter