Safe And Secure Hazardous Material Storage.

Easi-Set’s hazmat storage buildings are the ideal solution for companies looking to safely store chemicals and hazardous materials. Product manufacturers across the country have utilized our hazmat storage buildings because they conform to EPA specifications, are virtually maintenance-free, and are easily transportable. Excess waste from many manufacturing processes are a common issue, which makes safe on-site hazmat storage all the more important. Hazmat shelters can also be used as generator enclosures to contain fuel spills and prevent water instrusion.

A hazmat storage building made of precast concrete is far superior to rival applications. Each storage unit is manufactured in a controlled environment, which gives us a level of quality control that can’t be duplicated in the field. Your fully customized precast concrete building arrives on-site as complete structure that is fully-outfitted and ready to use in as little as a few hours. Because our hazmat storage buildings require no foundation, there is minimal site prep also saving you time and money.

We know the requirements and challenges surrounding the storage of hazardous materials on your site. This is why we have designed innovative features into our hazmat storage buildings that make them versatile and extremely durable. The buildings are completely customizable all while meeting both EPA and OSHA requirements. Dimensions of our hazmat storage buildings are available in 10' x 12', 12' x 16' and 12' x 20'. Each prefabricated building has a height of 8' 8".

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