Pump & Well House Building Applications.

By their nature, precast concrete buildings are nearly indestructible. And when we say indestructible, we mean fire-resistant, earthquake ready, weatherproofed, and bullet resistant. These structures are armed to the teeth with all they need to withstand the most violent of disturbances, including 130 mph wind loads. This makes them ideal for remote or unattended locations where you might not visit often but need to know that you pump house is in working order.

These buildings can be delivered pre-assembled and pre-outfitted to your specifications. If you are ordering a larger Easi-Span building it may be site assembled, but will arrive in large pieces that can be erected often within the same day of delivery. This reduces the disruptions to the job site, the amount of workers needed to complete the installation, and the cost of the installation process.

Whether it is an Easi-Set or Easi-Span Building, we guarantee that it will be installed much faster than comparable built in place methods. And as an additional benefit, our buildings can be easily assembled or installed without a floor so they will go around existing equipment with ease. This also means that they can be installed in nearly any area without the need for extensive site preparations beforehand.

Below you will find a sample list of different options for outfitting your pump or well house. Typical options can be found under the Outfitting link or talk to an Easi-Set Building Sales Representative for additional options.

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