easiset combat training

"Our organization found Easi-Set Buildings to be extremely adaptable and easy to install at our training facility. With over 35 units delivered and set, the Easi-Set Buildings' versatility of configuration provided us a realistic setting for training for our Troops in urban combat plus the stackability allows us to plan real-life combat scenarios."

Combat Training Facility

~ Project Manager, Virginia Beach, VA

easiset smithsonian

"When we needed eight enclosures to house cheetahs at our research center, we chose Easi-Set Buildings. The flexibility of the all concrete building allowed us to specify small openings for the cheetahs to enter and exit the building while accommodating large doors for our staff to feed the animals and clean the interior. The concrete floors resist any damage from the cheetah’s claws and allow for easy cleaning. The concrete walls were manufactured with a custom clap board exterior finish to blend with existing buildings."

Smithsonian National Zoo – Easi-Set Cheetah Enclosures

~ Tom Cooper, Construction COTR, Conservation Research Center

easiset warrenton

"As this pump station is located in an established neighborhood, the Town was concerned that the building would not match the surrounding residential architecture. Your firm provided an excellent building design with a gabled roof which blends with the residential character of the community. Both the Town and the community members are pleased with the completed building."

Town of Warrenton, Virginia

~ Patricia J. Know, Project Manager

easi set 4

"These buildings provide maximum security for our equipment and required minimum site preparation. They were delivered on time, set quickly and correctly, and within just a few hours the building was ready for out HVAC and electrical installations. Immediately following these trades we began installing our equipment. All of our due dates were either met or bettered by using your buildings rather than conventional construction. We have used this technique also in West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania with the same excellent results."

AT&T Telecommunications Shelters

~ Gregory A. Carter, Building Engineer, AT&T

easiset lincoln township

"… The pre-engineered, pre-assembled building helped save us time and money at the job site. The pre-located openings were correct and made installation of the piping and equipment simple … This is the second building we've purchased from your company and we look forward to working with you in the future."

Lincoln Township Water Distribution System

~ Arthur Gusbar, Jr, Gusbar and Associates, Inc.

Utilities Equipment Shelters

"When these 30' wide buildings arrived on site it took less than one-week for each to be erected. These building ranged from 60' to 100' in length. The cost and time advantage over conventional masonry was exceptional. The Turnkey method provided the Project with a timely and cost effective solution to our Electrical Room building construction.
The fast track design/build solution place the first Electrical Room erected on site within twelve weeks after placement of order."

Utilities Equipment Shelters

~ Randy Newton, Manager of Construction Engineering, Kvaerner Process

Wastewater Treatment Facilities

"We were attracted to the fact that the buildings are maintenance free, provide a fortified setting for our vital infrastructure and are affordable."

Wastewater Treatment Facilities

~ Jim Williams, Substation Supervisor, New Braunfel Utility

Electrical Equipment Shetlers

"The Easi-Span buildings are an excellent system and have all the features needed to protect our equipment while offering the owners incredible value … The quick delivery and installation times help keep our projects on time which is critical in our line of work."

Electrical Equipment Shetlers

~ Avid Podsim, Project Manager, Schneider Electric USA

Large Substation Buildings

"The durability and security of the Easi-Span buildings were important factors in our choice to purchase this building for our new electrical substation."

Large Substation Buildings

~ Chris Gerety, Engineer, Texas New Mexico Power Co.

Ungers Field Comfort Station

"We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to your firm for the excellent work involved to provide the Easi-Set Precast Concrete Building for the Ungers Field Comfort Facility in Baltimore County.
Your outstanding efforts to produce and deliver a quality product on time, combined with the efforts of all other subcontractors and suppliers allowed this project to be completed in a timely manner."

Ungers Field Comfort Station

~ John F. Rigley, Sr., Project Manager, Macfarlane Construction

Park Restroom Buildings

"In regards to the two NCI (Norwalk, a licensed buildings producer) pre-cast bathroom units we purchased for our parks system, they are still providing excellent maintenance-free service...
We also have a project for reconstructing our riverfront park and have asked Bonar Engineering to use the NCI unit there as well. Once again, we appreciate your help."

Park Restroom Buildings

~ Randolph Turner, Utilities Superintendent, Aurora, Indiana

Ball Field Complex Restroom Facilities

"We have been extremely pleased with the restroom we purchased from NCI (Norwalk, a licensed buildings producer). From beginning to end, NCI provided the answers and support I requested. The quote process was quick and easy. The design process was flexible and accurate. The purchasing process was simple and accommodating. The delivery was on time with no problems. And, the product has exceeded our expectations.
Staff and patrons have enjoyed having new restroom facilities in our ball field complex. They are functional and easy to maintain. They are durable and look great. NCI staff met every demand, and went above and beyond to meet our needs with great customer service. I would recommend their staff and product to others, especially parks and recreation agencies."

Ball Field Complex Restroom Facilities

~ Therron Dieckmann, Executive Director, Ottawa Recreation Commission, KS

easiset restroom 4

"It [restroom] has been a great addition to the 1812 Homestead – The teachers and students really appreciate a New Outhouse – Lots of thanks."

1812 Homestead - Simulated Outhouse Restroom

~ Jack Swan, Board of Trustees, 1812 Homestead Educational Foundation