Easi-Set will provide your school with safe, secure, and durable buildings.

Easi-Set modular buildings are ideal for the construction of your new school or institution. Not just for one restroom or storage facility, but the entire school itself. We provide high-quality, durable precast modular buildings for any size and scope of project. All of our buildings are customized to your specifications, slice construction time when you need the job done fast, and are fully customizable to your school’s color and branding.

For schools undergoing increased enrollment, looking to expand student capacity, or experiencing renovations there is no better option than Easi-Set precast concrete buildings. If you were a parent or student deciding between schools that offered trailers parked outside of the school or modular buildings with all the amenities of a traditional building, which would you choose?

Easi-Set precast buildings come in standard and custom size options with flexible design options. Many of the buildings can be customized through a number of door, window, lighting, HVAC, electrical, plumbing and restroom choices as well. Precast concrete is our material of choice for its ability to imitate virtually any existing structure. Choose from an array of finishes, textures, and colors to match your surroundings.

And we understand that each project is different. Your needs will change from one project to the next. That’s why we let you decide if you want your building delivered bare bones like a untouched palette or ready to use as soon as construction is complete. Want us to do all the heavy lifting? Not a problem. These facilities arrive pre-engineered and pre-assembled with no need for additional foundation. We work with multiple trades and equipment vendors to provide all necessary outfitting so that when we finish construction, your building is ready for use. Download the "Easi-Set Buildings Parks, Recreation & Schools" presentation.

Outfitting Your Project

Below you will find the applications that cater specifically to schools and institutions.

products classrooms 2


Precast Concrete Restroom Building


Precast Concrete Dugout Building


Precast Concrete Concession Building


Precast Concrete Office Building


Precast Concrete Hazmat Storage Building

HazMat Storage

Precast Concrete Pump Station Building

Pump Houses

Precast Concrete Storage Building


Precast Concrete Guardhouse Building

Guard Houses

Precast Concrete Utility Building


Precast Concrete Field House Building

Field Houses

Precast Concrete Press Box Building

Press Boxes

easiset gallery generator and battery enclosure

Generator & Battery Enclosures


Custom building applications for schools.

  • Press Boxes
  • Field Houses
  • Locker / Shower Rooms
  • Ticket Booths
  • Maintenance Buildings
  • Workshops
  • Shelters