We Can Build You Exactly What You Need.

Easi-Set and Easi-Span Precast Concrete Buildings are extremely versatile, surprisingly affordable, and can be used for virtually any application. They are available for single use or multi-building facilities. If you have a concept in mind, we can almost always bring it to fruition. And since it’s precast concrete, it will be built to last and be virtually maintenance-free.

Buildings can be customized in numerous ways, including: application, size, roof style, color, finish, knockouts, and outfitting.

The ability and willingness to customize allows the ultimate design freedom. Easi-Set Buildings have been used for a variety of special projects. They've been used as enclosures for cheetahs by the Smithsonian; a military facility created a simulation of an Iraqi village for military training exercises with 35 Easi-Set and Easi-Span Buildings; Easi-Set Buildings were placed on piers to protect equipment in flood prone areas; were combined to create a baseball field complex for a high school that served as a concessions stand, restrooms, press box, and storage. From wildlife enclosures to recreated warzones, Easi-Set Buildings get the job done.

For your convenience, our entire production process takes place in a climate-controlled facility. This eases the need for cumbersome site equipment and staging areas, making them ideal for remote job sites. Because the manufacturing process takes place in a climate-controlled facility with quality control inspections every step of the way, you have fewer unexpected on-site complications and weather-permitting delays during the construction process.

Tell an Easi-Set Buildings Representative your need and you'll receive a cost-effective solution.

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