Color Samples

The color samples below are approximations only. Jobsite applied colors will vary from this color chart due to computer monitor calibrations as well as the texture and porosity of the substrate. United recommends applying a color sample to an inconspicuous area on the actual substrate to verify color choice. Not all products are available in all colors.

  • Raven Black

  • Legend

  • Charleston

  • Chinese Blue

  • Pepper Pot

  • Woodland Green

  • Yucca

  • Capulet

  • Warm Ivory

  • Cotton

  • Lamb’s Wool

  • Pale Vanilla

  • Albino

  • Snow Blush

  • Taupe Gray

  • Mission White

  • Baked Clay

  • Cliff Gray

  • Phanton

  • Concrete Gray

  • Pottery

  • Granite Rock

  • Lost Cavern

  • Kenya Brown

  • Royal Burgandy

  • Concordia

  • Dusty Iris

  • Kendall Rose

  • Panama Rose

  • Brick Red

  • Red Earth

  • Canyon Tan

  • Cocoa

  • Taffy Apple

  • Autumn Oak

  • Simply Elegant

Stain Options

United Coatings / Canyon Tone Stain

Recommended stain for Easi-Span Buildings. Canyon Tone Stain is a pure acrylic, water-repellent penetrating stain designed to provide color uniformity to concrete and masonry surfaces without disturbing the natural surface texture. Canyon Tone Stain can be applied by spray or roller, locking itself into the surface pores of the substrate to eliminate future maintenance problems of peeling, flaking and checking. This stable finish is also available in clear versions with varying degrees of sheen.


Unit-Tex is a permanently flexible, highbuild 100% acrylic texture coating that imparts long-term weather and impact resistance through an attractive, stucco-like finish. This tough color-stable wall coating can be applied by spray or trowel to provide a variety of textures over concrete, masonry, stucco and insulation board, as well as approved exterior wallboard substrates. All system components are water-based for VOC compliance and easy clean-up.


Aquathon is a permanently elastomeric, "breathing" membrane designed to waterproof a wide variety of exterior wall surfaces. This water-based 100% acrylic cures in a unique, two-stage mode. The exposed surface crosslinks under ultraviolet light to repel dirt, mildew and pollution. The subsurface of the coating is protected from further crosslinking, retaining a permanent elastomeric bond with the substrate to cover existing hairline cracks and bridge additional cracking caused by future building movement.


Dura-Tex is a 100% acrylic texture coating containing a fine silica, permanent color pigments and a powerful biocide, which combine to provide long-term weatherproofing and flexibility under any normal weather conditions. A wide variety of finish textures can be achieved by varying the application method and/or technique.