Maintenance Free Buildings Ideal For Remote & Unattended Locations.

Communications equipment is sensitive and expensive. Don’t trust your communications infrastructure to anything other than a precast concrete building. Precast concrete buildings are ideal for communications shelters as they are highly customizable to meet your exact specifications. The buildings can be customized with cable racks, trays, electrical systems, static grounding wires and more.

You will rest assured knowing that your communications equipment is safe and secure, even if it’s in a remote or unattended location. Our standard buildings are built to withstand high wind loads of up to 165 mph, fires, bullets and more. Your sensitive communications equipment will be safe and secure at all times in an Easi-Set Building.

In terms of convenience, your fully customized precast concrete building arrives on-site as complete structure that is fully-outfitted and ready to use in as little as a few hours. The entire production process takes place in a climate-controlled facility, which eases the need for cumbersome site equipment and staging areas. And because the manufacturing process takes place in a climate-controlled facility with quality control inspections every step of the way, you have fewer unexpected on-site complications during the construction process.

Our nationwide network of licensed producers has extensive knowledge when it comes to manufacturing and delivering precast communications buildings. Contact one near you today to get started on your next project.

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