March 11, 2020

Wastewater plant overhaul elicits budget concerns

One component proves itself an affordable solution

The Newport Borough Municipal Authority in Pennsylvania is in the process of replacing its existing wastewater treatment plant, a projected $10-million project to fix malfunction, contamination and overflow issues. The Newport Authority has a nearly $11.3 million loan from the USDA for the project, which it has to use first before it can access a nearly $3.8 million grant.

FDR park Easi Set Restroom

"Projects like these don't always pan out the way you want, and we get stuck with a huge bill in the process," Zentichko said. "We need to make sure everything possible is done to avoid that."

One aspect of the project is the installation of a new building that houses the blowers and mechanical equipment used to supply air to the plant's sludge digesters. The design team selected an Easi-Set 1520 precast-concrete building from Oldcastle Infrastructure Inc., an Easi-Set Buildings licensed producer in Easton, Pa. According to general contractor PACT TWO Construction LLC, the building was specified to help keep the overall project below budget and on schedule.

FDR park Easi Set Restroom

"Precast concrete buildings are an ideal fit for the water/wastewater industry for so many reasons," notes David Worthington, Buildings Manager at Oldcastle Infrastructure. "The concrete structures require minimal maintenance and withstand the wet, humid and dirty conditions associated with wastewater treatment. They also are affordable custom solutions that can be installed quickly compared to other construction methods."

Easi-Set all-concrete building systems are manufactured in facilities by Easi-Set Buildings’ network of licensed producers, ensuring quality production that can be delivered to jobsites seamlessly.

FDR park Easi Set Restroom

Newport's structure measures 14’ 8” wide by 20’ long with a 10’ interior ceiling. It has a split face block exterior finish and a SikaGard Eggshell Cream exterior color. The 8” thick walls and roof are R-13 insulated, utilizing a ThermoMass composite insulating system. The roof features monolithic 15’ wide center ridge roof panel.

The building was erected on top of concrete CIP beams above two operating wastewater sludge tanks with a 10” thick floor. Installation took place in just one day. "Easi-Set Buildings typically can be installed in hours," Worthington adds.

To contact Easi-Set's producer Oldcastle Infrastructure, click here.