Norwalk Concrete Industries
80 Commerce Dr / PO Box 563
Norwalk, OH 44857

Sales: Dalton Vaughan
Phone: (800) 733-3624

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Norwalk Concrete Industries is a Midwestern based custom manufacturer of precast concrete products including Easi-Set Buildings, basement panels, catch basins, parking blocks, leaching chambers, cisterns, curbs, fences, foundations, slabs, inlets, interceptors, grease traps, manholes, panels, meter pits, shelters, vaults, tanks, wet wells, and window wells. Storm water treatment and wastewater treatment systems are available. Capabilities of precast concrete products include engineering design, review and certification, product application advice, structure load analysis and reinforcing design, specialty structure analysis and design. Concrete precast products are suitable for commercial, industrial, residential applications including electrical, communication, natural gas, utility, highway and water or wastewater treatment applications. Norwalk Concrete Industries is designated as a NPCA certified plant and meets ASTM standards.

Norwalk Concrete Industries Article

• Norwalk’s Lake Milton Dam Easi-Span project defines being on the edge


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