November 3, 2020

Easi-Set Restroom takes a ferry ride

Norwalk Concrete Industries really goes out of their way to deliver.

Norwalk Concrete Industries Easi-Set Buildings

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources was in need of a new restroom for Middle Bass Island State Park. The historic island park is located off the southern shore of Lake Erie, with no bridge access available.

ODNR contracted with Easi-Set Buildings licensed producer Norwalk Concrete Industries for the new all-precast concrete restroom. Once built in their factory, then it was just a matter of transport. In a first for Norwalk, an over water trip on the daily ferry was in order. Strapped on top of an 18 wheeler the new dry vault restroom just sneaked under the maximum height of the ferry bridge. The 40 minute ride proved both scenic and momentous.

Norwalk Concrete Industries Easi-Set Buildings