October 25, 2020

M&W Precast joins the Easi-Set Buildings family of licensed producers

Easi-Set is proud to announce the newest addition to their nationwide list of Easi-Set Building Producers. M&W Precast, LLC is part of the Wehrung’s family of businesses serving Eastern Pennsylvania. M&W has been producing quality precast concrete products and proudly supporting excavators, contractors, and homeowners in that market since 1946.

Hy Grade Precast Easi Set Control Building Ottawa

They recently completed installation of a new batch plant and also just received NPCA (National Precast Concrete Association) certification. M&W continues to expand and improve their facility and product lineup to fill the needs of their burgeoning customer base.

M&W’s attention to detail and consistent quality over the decades has made their offerings the first choice of engineers, design professionals, and contractors who insist on truly top-notch output for their projects. They specialize in precast concrete drainage, septic products, steps, median barrier, inlets, trench drain, light pole bases, and also have experience with several other licensed product lines including StormTrap® and Verti-Block®. Easi-Set Buildings was a logical fit in their continuing mission of being a single source supplier.

“As M&W was looking for a niche market to grow into, precast buildings was on the top of that list,” said M&W General manager Rusty Fox. “With that, becoming a licensed EASI-SET producer was an EASI decision. We look forward to building a reputation as the leader in this market.”

“We’ve known several of the people who work at M&W for years, and look forward to this being a very fruitful endeavor for both organizations,” said Art Miles, President of Easi-Set Worldwide.