May 18, 2020

Making quick work of a new water treatment installation

The State of Maryland Environmental Services made an easy choice for a remote water treatment facility.

FDR park Easi Set Restroom

Easi-Set Precast Buildings can be customized to your exacting equipment specifications.

The Maryland Environmental Service solicited competitive sealed bids from qualified contractors to convert an existing test well into a permanent backup well facility. The Fair Hill Water Systems Upgrade project is located in the historic thoroughbred horse country of Cecil County, Maryland. Neighboring the facility are several training tracks for Maryland’s horse racing industry, including the venerable Fair Hill Training Center.

FDR park Easi Set Restroom

Modular Easi-Span engineered roof panels install quickly and create clear unsupported interior spaces.

Bid requirements included installing various pipelines, 2-inch HDPE service lines, a 150,000 gal old style steel elevated tank, high service vertical turbine pumps, chemical feed systems, HVAC, instrumentation and controls, and an emergency generator all to be housed in a new precast concrete water treatment plant building installed over a cast in place concrete wet well.

During the bidding process contractor Acorn Supply & Distributing reached out to regional Easi-Set Building producer Smith-Midland for logistics and pricing information on an all-precast concrete Easi-Span modular building. The partnership proved to be the winner.

The use of an Easi-Span precast building utilizing 24’ wide x 10’ long roof panels allowed for a shorten installation schedule and provided an interior space on the building free of internal supports. The prestressed roof panels send all of the load to the exterior precast modular walls. The entire project was erected over the existing well in just hours, not weeks. Easi-Span engineered roof panels are available in 10’ increments with widths up to 50’ wide.

Unique to the 24’x50’x14’ project was the inclusion of a 10,000 gal hydropneumatics tank that breached the building’s end wall through a large round opening. The hole was simply cast into the wall panel in the Smith-Midland precast plant, requiring no additional site work. Easi-Set Building producers across North American provide engineering services along with manufacturing to allow for easy customization based on specific needs.

Easi-Set buildings are fabricated using separate wall, roof and floor panels. Smaller buildings can be delivered completely assembled and fully outfitted straight from the manufacturing plant. Larger buildings are assembled on-site by joining precast modules and the use of Easi-Span (clear span) roof sections. Due to the modular technology, the buildings can be installed on a concrete slab/foundation or even a gravel pad in just a matter of hours, limiting work site disruption. They can also be customized and assembled around existing equipment or delivered pre-assembled without a floor to fit over it. In every case you end up with a cost-effective, low maintenance and long lasting solution, maximizing your return on investment.

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