May 5, 2015

Hewlett Packard purchases fortified precast concrete substation control building for Texas data center

HOUSTON–Hewlett-Packard (HP) continues construction on its new data complex on the outskirts of Houston in Hockley, TX. Due to the large size of the facility and resulting massive power demands, HP was required to construct its own electrical substation on site which features Lonestar Prestress Manufacturing’s (LPMI) Easi-Span™ precast concrete control building. The 20x80x12 precast building, which is engineered to withstand 140 mph winds, has an expected life span of 100+ years and houses the bulk of the weather sensitive electrical gear needed to operate the substation and provide primary power to the data center. The integrity of the Easi-Span™ building is expected to provide enhanced stability for HP’s facility helping to ensure that the lights stay on and that their equipment is protected from severe weather and the effects of time.

LPMI worked with the electrical substation design-build contractor ECP Tech / Square D who introduced the Easi-Span™ design to the general contractor over the project. This makes the third substation building LPMI has constructed for ECP Tech in the last eight months. “We found Lonestar Prestress last year when searching for a more robust, cost effective building method for substation control houses. The Easi-Span™ buildings are an excellent system and have all the features needed to protect our equipment while offering the owners incredible value. The quick delivery and installation times also help keep our projects on time which is critical in our line of work,” said Arvid Podsm project manager for ECP Tech. Easi-Set Industries originated the concept of a Transportable Precast Concrete Building.

Easi-Set and Easi-Span™ Buildings have led the industry as the precast buildings of choice. They provide durability, flexibility, convenience, cost-effectiveness and long lasting security. Easi-Set Buildings are installed in a day, require no foundation and can be relocated as needs change. Easi-Set and Easi-Span buildings are constructed from 6000 psi steel reinforced concrete and provide customers with a maintenance free, water tight enclosure, and are UL® level four bullet tested product. LPMI, a privately-owned company based in Houston, manufactures prestressed concrete poles for the utility, lighting and security industries and is a licensed Easi-Set™ precast concrete building manufacturer. For more information please call (713) 896-0994 or visit