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Durable Prefab Restroom Buildings

Easi-Set/Easi-Span precast concrete restrooms are offered in a wide array of models, single, double, multiple-user, restroom/concessions, and custom. Easi-Set (single and double) prefab restrooms feature three roof styles: tapered, gabled and the Outback with a cedar shake finish. Single and double restrooms provide both wet (plumbed) and dry (vault) models and are delivered pre-assembled.

Standard Easi-Span restrooms are plumbed, site-assembled, and utilize a low-profile Easi-Span gabled roof. Easi-Span models are larger than Easi-Set models and can accomodate multiple-users and concessions. Custom Easi-Span restrooms allow for the addition of storage rooms, press boxes, picnic awnings, utility shelters, and more.

Easi-Set/Easi-Span restrooms are available in a variety of finishes, styles and colors. You can use multiple finishes and colors in one building. ADA Compliant; Green Friendly

Concrete Single User Restroom Models
Concrete Double User Restroom Models

Concrete Multiple User Restroom Models
Concrete Restroom and Concessions Models