Hazmat Storage Buildings By Easi-Set

Easi-Set’s hazmat storage building blueprints serve as the ideal solution for companies looking to safely store hazardous materials. Product manufacturers across the globe have utilized our hazmat storage units because they conform to EPA specifications, are maintenance-free and are easily transportable. Excess waste from many manufacturing facilities are a common issue, which makes an on-site hazmat storage building all the more important.

Hazmat Brochure (PDF).

A hazmat storage building made of precast concrete is economically unbeatable compared to rival applications. Each storage unit is manufactured in controlled environments, which makes for an efficient production process that is free of delays from outdoor weather. Our customized precast concrete buildings arrive on-site as complete structures that are fully-outfitted. Because our hazmat storage buildings require no foundation, this leads to minimal site preparation.

Hazmat building at wastewater treatment plant in Virginia

Standard Hazmat Storage Features

Designing innovative features for each of our hazmat storage units is what makes our products versatile, durable and desirable for company properties across the globe. These secure precast concrete structures are fully customizable while meeting all EPA and OSHA requirements simultaneously. Dimensions of our hazmat storage buildings are available in 10’ x 12’, 12’ x 16’ and 12’ x 20’. Each prefab building has a height of 8’ 8”.

Hazmat Storage Buildings Precast Concrete HazMat Building
Hazardous Materials Storage Building Concrete Hazmat Shelter

Hazmat Storage Building Options

Each precast concrete hazmat building that we engineer and design feature hazmat options including static grounding systems, climate control, custom explosion-relief panels and increased corrosion resistance through specialized epoxy coatings. Below is a list of additional features that Easi-Set’s hazmat buildings include:

Precast concrete hazmat storage buildings are the perfect storage solution for excess chemical waste. Easi-Set Buildings provide a lasting and economical opportunity. Call Easi-Set Buildings at (540) 439-8911 to learn more about our prefab hazmat buildings.